The not so tiny Buttstuck chat was rather successful.

Thank you to all of those that participated. It was so much fun to see you all.

On that note, you may have noticed that our Buttstuck family increased in size recently. I would like to formally give you all a chance to follow the friends of mine that are also answering your questionable queries and radical requests.

I will link to every single blog here and now, and additionally update the list of affiliates on my blog.

John Egbert:

Dave Strider:

Jade Harley:

Rose Lalonde (Me):

Jane Crocker:

Roxy Lalonde:

Jake English:

Kanaya Maryam:

Karkat Vantas:

Sollux Captor:

Mr. Egbert (Crocker?):


whoa! sorry for set up difficulties and sorry to anyone that came in while we were setting up!

but we’re good now! and here is the link!

I’m afraid that was my fault.


Tinychat starts now! Please enter if you wish.

+ 11



okay so change of plans guys

apparently we have to move the time of the tinychat back to 4 pm pacific standard time sorry if that sucks for anyone, but it sucks less for us.

so remember: july 22nd (sunday/tomorrow) 4 pm pacific standard time

the man tells the truth! tinychat’s pushed back to 4 pm instead of noon. sorry!

Apologies for any inconvenience. I sincerely hope you are still able to attend.

In case it isn’t stated on this post enough for you, the new time for the tiny chat tomorrow is 4 PM Pacific Standard Time. Not noon.

No one is enjoying your company.

My sources direct me in the direction of a loud, flaming yes.


remember that tinychat that weve been talking about like some sort of secret squirrel mystery tactic?

well we have an official date and time for it: july 22nd (this sunday) at noon pacific standard time

our guest list includes some kids we found off the street, johns dad, and a few trolls we gathered up. so tune in or turn off. 

We all hope you can attend.


911 send help, rose won’t stop reading us her canon wizard fanfictions!


Strider, this is not synonymous with “dainty” at all.

Strider, this is very much the opposite of “elegant”.



Dave, you ruin every moment.

You’re an asshole.